How can Adcoast do it cheaper?
Most agencies can afford to do it cheaper. However, they strategically determine what a client can afford to pay and align their pricing with that client’s budget. Adcoast offers all creative and technical services for $45 per hour. Discounts apply to small businesses in Lee County.

Why do you offer a discount to Lee County businesses?
It is in the best interest of the agency and the client to build lasting local business relationships. A lot of Adcoast's creative leverage comes from being able to be on-site and gather professional photography and video and use that footage to promote the business or product. Special pricing for local businesses promotes a mutually beneficial business-to-business relationship.

What products or services can my business get from Adcoast?
Adcoast develops a range of marketing materials from business websites to printed promotional products to professionally developed social media profiles and content… and everything in between. Logos, photography, video, business cards, menus, flyers, signage, tv and radio advertisements — Adcoast is a local advertising and marketing partner that caters to your businesses unique needs and strategy.

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